How to Make a Delicious Soup at Home

Tearing basil leaves into soupSoup is an essential food, usually served hot or cold, which is composed of various ingredients of vegetables or meat with water, or sometimes stock. In China, soup is often referred to as yin-yang; that is, yin being the female and yang the male force of nature.

Soup may be made from many ingredients such as meat, vegetables, and other grains, and it can be hot or cold. Many times soup has no taste at all but it is used instead of cooking a main dish. The Chinese also make use of different types of spices in cooking soup. The most common spices in the Chinese food are garlic, ginger, scallions, coriander, and other Asian-style spices. There are also herbs such as basil and fennel, which add a freshness to the soup.

Soup is typically served during tea time, as it is a lighter meal. Many times soup is served in addition to noodles. This is very convenient as you do not have to buy the noodles. Another way to serve soup is to have some rice. Rice mixed with the soup, and a little bit of salt are known as a lan. When the rice and soup are cooked the rice absorbs the salty taste of the soup, and also adds to the flavour of the soup.

In Asian cultures, white meat is the preferred meat. Red meat is considered a delicacy and often eaten during special occasions such as dinner. Pork, chicken and beef are the most common meats used in soups. Although pork is commonly used to make soup, it is not used as much in Western cuisine, perhaps because pork contains so many toxins.

A common ingredient in Chinese recipes is white vinegar. Usually, when adding white vinegar to soup, it is added in very small amounts and stirred around, then strained to remove any excess. There is an old saying, “You cannot see the whole river by just paddling a canoe.” It means that you have to look at the whole picture and not just a very small part of it.

Black pepper is another common ingredient in soups. It is very strong and adds to the flavour and aroma of the soup. Although there is no need to add too much black pepper to the soup, as long as the taste and smell are not overpowering. you should remember to leave out the seeds as they are bitter.

Beans are also a popular addition to soup. Peas are usually soaked in water overnight, then strained to remove any grit and left to dry. They are used because beans have a natural sweet, nutty flavour which makes them good for blending with the soup.

Fresh vegetables are also used in soups. When using canned vegetables in soup, it is better to make sure that they are completely defrosted before adding them.

Garlic is also very useful in making soup. If you have a problem with garlic breath, you can try cooking it in water. Once it is partially cooked, it will be easier to chew and swallow. You can also cut the garlic into fine slices. For those who have sensitive palates, garlic can also be added in small amounts with the other ingredients to add to the soup, however it must be cooked slowly to avoid the raw taste getting too strong.

Herbs are also used in soups. You will notice that herbs are often listed together with their uses in Chinese recipes. One of the more common herbs used in Chinese recipes is ginger. Although it is considered to be quite bitter, the Chinese use it very sparingly.

Ginger root is another ingredient in soup bases and is used in its raw form. The ginger root is very good for stomach problems and digestive problems.

Soup bases can be made from rice, egg, chicken, fish or tofu. The most common base is made from rice. Some people also add vegetables in the base, such as carrots, celery, mushrooms and onions, as well as egg yolk.

For more soup recipe ideas, check out this video. You’ll see a selection of ten great soups, all popular choices for simple home meals. They range from straight and simple choices like tomato, to those that need a bit more time to prepare, and those that might need you to buy unusual ingredients.